SAN Staff must be open-minded people who enjoy challenges, and are prepared to step out of their comfort zone. You’ll be expected to work hard, but those who make an effort have the time of their lives!

Below are just a few of the great photos and comments we’ve received from SAN Staff in the past. We look forward to many more memorable times with you this year!

“I am emailing you all to thank you for letting Kai work with you and giving him great experiences….what you have been doing is amazing!”
Kaito’s Mother – Australia.

“I love my entire experience in Japan and I would like to thank you all for efforts in making this job thingy so easy for us. I will try to send some photos and wish your company all the best”
Erica, Hong Kong.

“My job was great, I had a really supportive bunch of coworkers and bosses that ended up being great friends. We spoke only Japanese at work, and everyone was aware that I wanted to practice customer service Japanese so they gave me every chance they could.”
– Alexander.

“I can’t fault San consulting in anyway possible from the people i met in person…to those who are working behind the scenes. From my first email response to the shake of hands on my last day i would say you [did] everything possible to ensure we could not only have a good time, but give us the comfort of knowing you were there at all times in the moments of “sos” or even just to drop a simple message”
– James, UK.

“I would like to give my sincerest thanks to you and the good management for all the support for the past Winter and Summer jobs”
– Koji

“Hi, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone at San. I had a fantastic season in [Ski resort’s name]. Your organization and support throughout the season was brilliant. Thanks again”
– Mark

“Greetings! First and foremost I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to all your support and assistance every now and then through out the job season. Checking on how we are doing in the field made us feel confident and secure from time after time. I really enjoyed working at the Ski Resort, at the same time very thankful for being able to improve my snowboarding and practice actual Japanese conversation as well”

“The best parts of my resort working experience was meeting fantastic new people, being exposed to one of the most unique cultures in the world and finally the most sensational snow I have ever seen…I think SAN Consulting handled themselves with great professionalism and thus, I will be recommending them to any people who are thinking of heading over to Japan to work!”
– Jarred.

I’m really happy with my new job… I’m totally satisfied with my new position and I even like to work more than taking holidays!!! I hope that I can improve my Japanese as all workmates are Japanese~ Thanks a lot for giving me this chance…! ^^
– Eileen

“Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to work at our Resort!….. We’ve met a lot people and made new friends. We’ve learned how to ski/ snowboard and learned a few new japanese vocabulary! There are some issues, problems regarding the management as well as the foods, but I think thats part of the job. What matters is that the people we worked with. I love to work with SAN Consulting. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to experience this chance of a lifetime”

I also want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for arranging this job for me in Okinawa, I really appreciate your efforts and have had (and am still having) a really enjoyable and life changing time.

I am looking forward to my last month in the beautiful sunshine of Okinawa.
– Martyn

“I doing fine at the resort, I’m loving Japan so much!..hehe Thank you for all the preparation Stuart.”

“Thanks – it’s going really well, of course with the usual moments of 「はっ?」and 「それはどういう意味ですか?」;-) All the best for 2010!”

I’m working happily …~ one of my colleague just said that I’m now becoming more 上手now! I can now helping them with some documentation which I think I’m more “useful”! And try to answer customers’ questions (though it’s really difficult sometime but the customers are usually nice!)
– Eileen

Hi Stuart! It has been a very memorable experience in Okinawa so far. Thank you for your assistance during the past few months! Warm Regards,
– Hannah

“having a great time here… the busy period was hectic but got through it in one peice… loving everymoment of it. i mean, what job includes snowboarding everyday hahaha? thanks for the experience”

“I am having a great time and my Japanese is definitely improving. Many thanks for providing me with this opportunity!”

The fellow staff members were awesome. Remember that you represent your country and are there to work but have fun and enjoy the island on your days off.
– Jasmine

“Thanks again for all you time and effort over the last few months. Had/having a great time.”

“Becoming really close friends with some of the AWESOME people who work here was the highlight of this trip. – I came with the goals of improving my Japanese ability, and doing some snowboarding, not expecting to meet so many wonderful people.”

“i’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your help & support over the past few months…Thanks again for everything.”

“Thankyou for everything. My time in (the Resort) was a life changing experience!”

“I think SAN did a good job and we appreciate it because all I wanted to know was written on the site.”

“Thank you for all your hard work… I am very much grateful for your help and support throughout… and wish you the best of fortune into the future.”

“thanks for the xmas mail. hope you all had a good one too! everything is great here. love work.”

“Everyone there was so friendly… So it was a great environment to be working in, even during the busy period. The japanese people were a lot of fun and I saw my Japanese speaking skills improving throughout the weeks.”

“Everything is going great and i’m having a fantastic time.”

“Overall the experience was awesome thank you for this opportunity to making me addicted to snowboarding. Now I have to take up skateboarding when theres no snow.”

“I would like to thank you for your help throughout my three months in Japan.”

“My three months in Okinawa were probably the best three months of my life! (so far) Okinawa is such a beautiful Island and there is so much to do, so much to see, so many lovely people to meet. I made so many amazing friends from around the world and my Japanese improved so much. It’s a great opportunity to explore Okinawa and get to know it’s people and culture.”

“(The best part is to) Have Japanese roommates and make a lot of Japanese friends.”

“My Japanese has improved beyond belief, it really is the best way to learn a language: being thrown in the deep end and having to use it to communicate.”

“Living up the mountain was really a fun part of the whole thing. The 20 minute walk down the piste for a beer was always worth it, sometimes back up in a blizzard in kneedeep snow at 3am was something that I wouldn’t ever be able to do anywhere else.”

To be honest, I came to really enjoy living out in the sticks and making adventures out of what was around me. At first, I was feeling a bit of separation anxiety since I had no way to contact anyone, but eventually I wandered out on my own and discovered a lot about Okinawan culture and flavour! I feel really honoured to have gotten the chance to see this, and my Japanese (not to mention my confidence) took a leap forwards when I actually started getting out more and dealing with the locals around me.

I’m also surprised that I even feel this way, as I’d always considered myself someone who couldn’t live without high-speed communication and shopping. My Okinawan resort experience totally opened my eyes to new things!

“The three month in Okinawa is an unforgetable experience, You would be amazed how many friends you can make and how much your Japanese can be brushed up! give it a try and get your own amazing memories!”

If you’re in Okinawa, go out and explore; its food, language, culture, and music are all very different from mainland Japan; head out to the towns to hear some of the local dialect and try the regional specialties! (Honestly, I’ve even come to miss the obnoxious floral shirts…)

Also, try to make the best of every situation, no matter how difficult it might seem. (You’ll have on-days and off-days, like with any job, but you can’t let one thing ruin the rest of your trip or you’ll really regret it!)

“1. I think the best part of our work at the Resort was be able to meet different kinds of people. To work and live with them. 2. To test and apply what we’ve studied. And to learn some few new Japanese Vocabulary. 3. Learning how to Snowboard and to Ski!”

“Thanks again, you chose the right resort to send me to for sure, I had an absolute blast and will be heading back there for an extended period next year.”

“thank you for the wonderful experience in Hakuba. I really had a great time, and made some friends that i will never forget.”

“Can`t believe that its nearly all over here, must say it has been the most exciting and memorable 3 months of my life as yet, so so much fun!”

“Its fun and well worth it. There was nothing better that I could have done.”

“Only a little time left for me… definitely been a fabulous expereience! Thank you so much. I hope everyone knows how much I have appreciated working here and at the Information Center in particular. Hope you’re well, not sure if I will see you again so take care and good luck!”

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