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Okinawa Beach Resort positions & Hokkaido (Niseko) Summer season positions available starting ASAP! Apply now, have your interview & get a job offer within days!


The Easiest Way to Get Ski & Beach Resort Jobs in Japan since 2005.

We’ve personally visited every major resort in Japan to check facilities & staff conditions. We only work with the fun ones! Simply apply (free) on our website, and be considered for a job at them all.

Hundreds of Jobs Available Every Year

At resorts in Hokkaido, Hakuba, Shiga Kogen, Karuizawa, Yuzawa, & Okinawa. Work as a liftie, restaurant staff, ski instructor, beach / pool attendant, hotel front desk / information, and many more!

Help Preparing for your Trip

We’ll send you info to assist with: Airfare, Working Holiday Visa, Travel Insurance, Japanese Resume, Packing your Bags, Settling in at your Resort, Cultural Tips…

Smooth Transition into Japan Life

Compared to arriving alone, finding a place to sleep, job, friends… working in a resort is an easy and fun way to start your Japan experience!

Orientation & Delivery

You’ll be delivered to your resort, receive an Orientation to prepare you, shown how to Register/update your Address at city hall, and how to Open a Bank Account.

24/7 Support

We are always here for you, to ensure you have a fantastic time! We’ll contact you regularly, and you can call or email us anytime before, during, and even after your trip.

Make International Friends

We help people from over 10 countries find Resort jobs in Japan, so chances are you’ll be working with an exciting mix of nationalities!

Ski for free!

You’ll have to work hard, but in your free time, you can swim, ski, or board for free!

Improve your Japanese

Working in a local, Japanese-owned resort is one of the fastest ways to improve your language skills. Surrounded by Japanese friends and co-workers every day, you’ll have lots of time to practice, and make lots of friends too!


Approx. ¥130,000 before tax per month.

SKI Jobs: Dorm Accommodation, Meals & Season lift pass Included!

BEACH Jobs: Cheap Housing & Meals

After Support

We’ll send you tips and info about what to do after your resort job; eg. how to find other jobs in Japan, accommodation, good places to visit, etc!


We only charge a 10,000yen Transport Fee for Delivery and Orientation.


Job Placement, Delivery & 24/7 Support since 2005.

Since 2005, we’ve helped thousands of foreigners secure jobs in the best JAPANESE-owned Ski & Beach resorts around Japan.

You can find many Japan resort jobs online, but most are offered by foreign-run businesses. These jobs are fun, but not as culturally immersive. Finding a job in local, Japanese-owned Resorts is harder.

This is why we exist: to help you have a TRUE Japanese experience, and make your ENTIRE Japan adventure as easy & fun as possible.

Simply apply (for free) on our website, and we'll help you FIND A JOB at one of the many great resorts we represent, PREPARE for your trip, SETTLE IN at your resort, and SUPPORT YOU for your Entire time in Japan.

  • 3+ Month Jobs

    In Hakuba, Nagano, Niigata, Hokkaido & Okinawa.

  • Ski Jobs: December - April

    Some positions finish end-Feb.

  • Beach Jobs: all year round

    Most positions from April – October.



Job Descriptions and more information will be given in your job offer after application.

We only accept applications on this website for people ALREADY IN JAPAN.

Okinawa Beach Resort positions & Hokkaido (Niseko) Summer season positions available starting ASAP! Apply now, have your interview & get a job offer within days!